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Given CIPS Congress in April , where it will examine the application for membership of the Romanian Federation of Sport Fishing at this prestigious international forum, please support this move of anglers from Romania, through the distribution of this document in social networks and by other means.

Romanian Federation of Sport Fishing organizes National Championships and support the National Teams involved in International Competitions.

Romanian Federation of Sport Fishing ( FRPS ) is the only accredited sport fishing federation by the Romanian State through Ministry of Tourism and Sports to carry the National Angling Championships and to support delegation of National Teams to  international competitions.

For 2014 , FRPS will hold National Championships in the following fishing sports: Coarse, Feeder, Carp,  Carnivorous (boat and shore), Marine, Fly, childrens and juniors,  womens.

For all these sports events, FRPS will send and will support all national teams in international competitions that will take part .

FRPS is a Sports Federation uniting Fishing Clubs in Romania and Romanian Federation of Sport Fishing purpose is to promote, organize, and improve all related activities to sport fishing at all levels and to implement the principles of the Olympics.

To ensure continuity of the Romanian foreign representation in prestigious international competitions sponsored by CIPS , anglers from Romania asks members delegates to CIPS Congress of April 5, 2014 , to accept the application for membership of Romania through Romanian Federation of Sport Fishing, taking in consideration the actual legal issues of fishing as a sport, which is now in the Romanian State.

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Thank You, George Rujan

MatchFishing Romania

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